Landscaping in Greenville: Do’s & Don’ts for Maintaining Trees

landscaping in Greenville

Landscaping in Greenville has become a popular concept over the past few years. After all, who doesn’t like a lush green canopy near them? Along with the shade, there are so many other benefits of having greenery around you. You get fresh air, a beautiful sight, and organically grown fruits. However, managing a landscaping task isn’t easy. You might love the results, but a lot of energy and effort is put into this job. There are a million things that you need to take care of if you plan on planting trees. Even plantation on a very small area becomes a daunting task when you are unaware of the whole procedure. That is why one should have some know-how about the dos and don’ts of landscaping. A few helpful tips make the task easier.

In January 2021, Greenville’s city council approved an update for tree preservation and management. It happened because more and more people are raising concerns about the importance of landscaping and plantations. More than 1800 citizens responded to an online survey in relevance to this update. Therefore, everyone must have some knowledge regarding planting greenery in their homes when undertaking landscaping in Greenville. Surely, one cannot match the expertise of a professional landscaper, but there are a variety of ways in which you can make your gardens and backyards more beautiful.

Things to Do and Avoid While Trimming and Landscaping in Greenville:

One of the tasks to perform while landscaping in Greenville is trimming the trees and hedges. Without proper trimming, trees cannot grow to their full potential. Every individual must remove rotten portions of the tree and keep it as tidy as possible. The general rules to follow while trimming are:

  • Remove extra leaves and trim the hedges right after a storm
  • Trim carefully without damaging the tree
  • Trim/prune trees that are growing close to your roof or house
  • Don’t trim more than 25% of a tree’s foliage
  • Prune only when necessary
  • Start trimming once the tree is older than one year

Take extra precautions while trimming trees and hedges. Always wear protective gear such as shoes and mask to avoid any injuries. Moreover, don’t climb on a tree without opting for assistance from someone. If your trees are at a great height, then leave them as they are.

Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Trees:

To aid a non-professional gardener, we bring a small list of dos and don’ts that help them survive on their own while landscaping in Greenville:

  • Prune with Precision:

It’s necessary to not overdo a task. In the same manner, trimming and pruning both need to be done to an extent. Prune in such a way that the dying limbs do not affect the other parts of the tree. Chop off the hanging branches but don’t trim till the very edge. Remember, trimming is done only to improve the look and shape of the plant.

  • Gain Some Prior Knowledge:

Take time to learn about the kind of trees growing in your backyard. Learn about their breed and needs. It’s good to have an insight into what things harm your plantation and what things benefit them.

  • Keep Some Distance:

By giving some space to the trees and hedges, you can boost their growth. Don’t start cutting from the trunk area. Instead, move a little further away so that you do not cause any root damage. You can even design some barriers to protect the base of a tree.

  • Too Much Care is Never Helpful:

Yes, caring is a necessary part of landscaping, but that doesn’t mean you do it all the time. It’s important to balance everything. For instance, water after a set period or trim them only when they start to look messy. Similarly, use fertilizers sparingly because adult trees do not need them in large quantities.

  • Changing Places:

Moving a tree or a plant can be more favorable for better growth. Sometimes, the needs of vegetation change with time. Some plants do not grow well in one location because they are in the wrong conditions. Maybe a tree is in a sunny area whereas it requires shade. Thus, constantly moving plants in your home helps them grow strong. The changing conditions are much more favorable for young and old trees.

Get Professional Help for Your Gardens:

For a better experience when it comes to landscaping in Greenville, you should hire professionals near you. They make your yards and lawns neat. From picking up dead leaves to trimming hedges, trained landscapers perform every step to make your lawns look aesthetically appealing. You can book an appointment with our specialists and explain to them your needs. We work tirelessly to produce results just as you want. Get in touch with us today.


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