When Is the Best Time to Landscape in South Carolina?

landscaping works are best held in the fall

If you’ve just bought a house and are looking forward to making it a home, one of your priorities is landscaping the front and back yard. However, before you put on your gardening gloves and grab the spade, consider our Greenville landscaping contractors’ advice to put off major planting activities until the fall.

Yes, the fall is the best season for all types of landscaping works. And here are the most important reasons why.

1. Trees Need Time to Adapt to the Environment

Trees provide shade, privacy and oxygen. So, if you want them to thrive in your garden, plant them around late September – mid November. They need time to adapt to the new soil and weather. Also, if they manage to develop the root system over winter, they will be ready for the first buds and flowers in spring.

2. You Won’t Have to Fertilize the Soil

Any dedicated gardener knows that you have to enrich the soil where you plant new flowers or shrubs to give them a boost of nutrients as their roots take hold. In fall, you don’t have to look for the best fertilizer for soil in store.

Nature provides it in the form of fallen leaves – the best fertilizer, perfectly adapted to the soil in your area.

3. Fall Is the Ideal Time for Planting Bulbs

Imagine an explosion of colors in your garden in spring: crocuses, daffodils, begonia tubers, and tulips. What do all these flowers have in common? They are all bulbs. And any seasoned gardener recommends planting bulbs in fall.

In September and October the soil has cooled sufficiently to allow bulbs to hibernate safely and then bloom vigorously in spring.

4. Perennials Love Fall Planting

Many people enjoy seeing the same flowers blooming over and over again, year after year. These plants are called perennials. And they also love being planted in fall. In fact, many species need cooler temperatures for healthy growth.

Some of these are:

  • Pansies, which flower both in fall and spring
  • Mums, whose flowers last for up to six weeks
  • Verbena, one of the hardiest perennials, which will flower even after the first late-fall snow.

fall is the best time for planting

Call our Greenville landscaping contractors if you need help with the selection of the sturdiest perennials for your garden.

5. Fall Is Recommended for Planting Vegetables

As we become more health conscious, we try different ways to make sure that our food is nutritious and free from chemicals. One simple solution is arranging a vegetable patch in the back yard.

If you have this idea in mind, then you can start planting your seedlings starting from late summer and until early fall. The period depends on the growth cycle of the plant. For plants with a 2-months growth cycle, such as peas and beans, late August is the ideal planting period.

However, turnips and greens, which have a shorter growth cycle, can be safely planted in September.

6. Grass Planted in Fall Makes a Perfect Lawn in Spring

Do you want a perfect, lush green lawn? Then plant the grass seeds in fall. There are special varieties that thrive in cooler soil and can be planted until early October.  In spring, it will burst forth, emerald green and luscious.

7. Your New Plants Will Receive Plenty of Rain Water

Last, but not least, you can save a lot of effort watering your garden if you plant it in fall. As you know, it rains a lot in South Carolina from September to late October. And this is exactly what your new trees, shrubs and flowers need to develop healthy roots and thrive.

Our Greenville Landscaping Contractors Are Ready to Help You!

If you are new to gardening and need a little help, our Greenville landscaping contractors are happy to landscape your front and back yard according to your plans. We can also arrange outdoor living spaces, such as patios and fire pits, where you can relax with your family and friends.

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