Water Drainage Problems in Your Landscape in Greenville, SC:

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To boost and protect the value of your property, you need to consider the long-term benefits of a strong foundation. As such, your landscape in Greenville, SC, is one factor that can help make sure that your property remains beautiful and structurally safe. With landscaping, you can ensure the right drainage systems that suit the needs of your area and building, because without it you will see issues such as soil erosion, flooding risks, and damage to hardscapes, foundations, and construction.

Do You Need Help with Your Landscape in Greenville, SC?

To understand the kind of help you will need to protect your property with the perfect landscaping options, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you see water building up in small pools on your property?
  • Does your area see heavy rains that are causing soil erosion?
  • Do you see evident water damage and standing water near or under your building’s foundation?
  • Does your lawn have soft spots filled with water?
  • Does rainfall bring more damage to your property because the water has nowhere to go?

If these problems persist, you need professional help for your landscape in Greenville, SC. You can see that water damage can erode expensive plants and outdoor structures and well as the foundations of your home which can become very expensive to repair over time.

How Landscaping Can Help Protect Your Home:

A professional landscaper will study your land and its properties to understand how water and soil work together, and how rain and erosion affect this relationship. Because different areas have different weather patterns and environmental conditions, your landscaper will look at your soil’s composition, the static water table, and how high it is. Moreover, they will look at how rainfall, standing water, and flooding can affect it.

Most of the problems that come when your soil is evidently corroded, and the lack of water drainage systems is, in turn, damaging your entire property, come with extensive rainfall and the rise in water tables. How the water flows can explain what kind of drainage system you will now need. Some of these kinds of drainage systems include:

  • French drains
  • Underground drains
  • Downspout drains
  • Creek beds, etc.

Here is how these systems work to fix the problems that lack of proper landscaping can cause on your property:

  • High Levels of Static Water Table:

If your area geographically has a higher level of water in your water table, it is likely that any areas that are lower such as garden beds, will be prone to standing water that pools up in patches of different sizes. Additionally, the high levels of water can lead to building water under or near your foundations, making them much weaker. If underground, the water pooling up can go unnoticed and cause extensive damage.

Some of the solutions for high levels in your area’s water table include using the correct trees, shrubs, and other plants to help hold the water at stable levels. These plants are often native to the area and can survive wet and soggy conditions. An alternative solution is to raise the level of your outdoor space by piling more soil on top to increase the height of lawns and garden beds.

  • High Levels of Standing Water on the Surface:

If your area faces heavy rainfall or other similar issues, water can end up standing and hence, corroding your property. Usually, if your area has soil with high levels of clay in it, it is evident that water drainage through natural processes is bad. This is because clay does not allow for water drainage because it is highly dense.

One of the best solutions for such a problem is proper landscaping through professional grading; this can be achieved through the time-tested and popular French drain system, through which drains and channels take the water away from your foundation and structure to a rainfall drain or a ditch, collecting water in one place. This water is then allowed to dissolve back into underground soil and natural water tables through perforated pipes and gravel.

Solutions for Landscaping in Greenville, SC:

There are some solutions that can be used to overcome your landscaping problems:

  • Standard construction methods and practices that accommodate drainage systems before building the foundation
  • Regulating your natural or constructed irrigation systems and diverting water to plants, trees, and other uses
  • Fixing and maintaining sewage and drainage pipes

Find Your Solutions at Greenville Landscaping:

For an extensive range of solutions for your property, Greenville Landscaping Contractors is here to help protect your home. With experienced and professional landscapers that are known for their landscape in Greenville, SC, we provide design and installation of drainage systems and professional rain gardens, paving, dry wells, etc. at affordable and long-lasting terms.


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