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Installing a driveway in your home is a huge project. Greenville Landscaping is here to help. As one of the best landscaping companies in the upstate, we are here to transform your home’s driveway and improve your curb appeal. Call our Greenville landscaping company now at (864) 635-2560 to get a free estimate on your driveway installation.

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Why Should I Install A Driveway?

Are you debating installing a driveway in your home? Well, here are the benefits of having one:

To Create A Good First Impression

If you want your guests, neighbors and potential future buyers to get a good first impression of your home, you need to install a quality driveway. With our top-notch installation service, we can make sure that your home stands out and make you proud.

To Improve Functionality And Parking

Whichever type of driveway you choose for your home, we can always make sure that it’s safe for parking, walking, and driving. Even better, your kids can play on the driveway without getting hurt. We can ensure the utmost durability so that your driveway can support cars and any foot traffic.

To Boost Your Property Value

Having a good driveway is a huge boost to your property value. If you have a worn out and old driveway, call us now and we can replace it effortlessly. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, improving the driveway is the best way to guarantee a good return on the investment.

How Can I Choose The Best Type Of Driveway?

Here are some of the things to consider when installing or renovating your driveway.

Your Budget

Depending on your budget, you have a few choices of driveways to install in your home. With our affordable services, we can make sure that we install the best type of driveway in your home within your budget.

The Length

If you have a long driveway, you may want to choose between asphalt and concrete. That’s because other driveway materials are quite costly. Therefore, you need to consider the length of the driveway before choosing the material, especially if you are doing it on a budget.

Local Climate

Yes, you need to consider the local weather and climate in your area of residence before installing a driveway. For instance, if there is excessive heat or snow, you should choose the right material for the driveway to avoid extreme wear and tear.

We are here to help when it comes to choosing the right material for your driveway. Call us now to get a free estimate.

A concrete driveway leading up a yard to a garage.

What Different Types Of Driveways Are Available?

Now that you have an idea of how to choose the right type of driveway, you need to choose the best. Here are the different types of driveways.


It is the most popular type of driveway especially because it’s affordable. At Greenville Landscaping, we install concrete driveways built to last. Even better, our driveway installation services allow some flexibility with the appearance to meet your preferences. Whether you are looking for dyed or stamped concrete driveways, we are here to help.


If you are looking to bring out a unique and classy driveway, you can’t go wrong with brick. We can install a brick driveway in your home and customize it accordingly. You can choose from any of the available colors to bring out the exotic look.


It’s also another popular choice of driveways for most homeowners. If you live in an area prone to a lot of snow, asphalt concrete is the best choice since it allows melting. If you are looking for the best asphalt installation experts, we are here to help.


It’s a good choice of driveway, especially if you want to save money on the project. At Greenville Landscaping, we can install your gravel driveway in different colors. If there’s a lot of water runoff in your area, a gravel driveway is the best choice. However, you should expect to shift with time especially since it involves small rocks. It’s not a good choice if you live in a snowy area.

Crushed Stone

If you want a smooth surface for your driveway, you can’t go wrong with crushed stone. We can install your crushed stone driveway in different colors to bring out an amazing texture and blend with the rest of your home perfectly. However, it’s not ideal during snowy weather but it’s a good choice for maintenance-related expenses.


A paved driveway is made out of concrete, brick or natural stone. It brings out a unique factor when installed in any home. If you want to boost your home value, a paved driveway is the best choice and we are here to help with the installation. With our affordable installation services, you can count on the best results.


A basalt driveway is also another unique look for your home. It’s very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Even better, it’s very low maintenance. You also don’t need to worry about structural integrity, especially if you choose Greenville Landscaping for the installation. We have a keen eye for the process and we will blend it perfectly with your home.


It’s a favorite driveway for many homeowners. It’s a timeless design with different choices for any type of home. With our installation services, you can count on durability and low maintenance costs for your cobblestone driveway.

Why Choose Us?

As an experienced hardscaping company in Greenville, we are the best choice for the installation of your driveway. We are experienced, reputable, and knowledgeable about different types of driveways. Even better, we have hired the best professionals to help out with your driveway installation needs.

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