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Are you looking to change your landscape by adding an outdoor fireplace? If that is the case then you must choose the right installation services. This guarantees that you will get a high-quality installation. It also gets you a durable outdoor fireplace that you can enjoy for decades.

Looking for great fireplace installation services? Greenville Landscaping is the company to call. Our outdoor living area contractors specialize in outdoor fireplaces among other landscape items. We install outdoor fireplaces at affordable prices. Call us today at (864) 635-2560 to get your outdoor fireplace installed by experts that know what the job entails.

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Why Choose Us

Our Greenville, SC, contractors possess qualities that are just right to give the clients exactly what they want. We have the experience needed to ensure we guide our clients in their decision to have an outdoor fireplace. This way, all the clients are happy with the installation and feel that it is a fine addition to their landscape. Furthermore, we have the skills required and all the employees we have been trained. They are excellent at their job which is why we can guarantee you a fantastic job in the end.

We plan thoroughly and give you the results you desire. We can assure you that the landscape you dream of will come true once you hire us to do the job. We will handle the process right from planning, installation, etc. We also aim to get the job done fast and efficiently so that within a few weeks, you are able to enjoy your new outdoor fireplace.

Knowing what you should get from the beginning is crucial because this is what ensures you get exactly what you are looking for. Making a plan for the outdoor fireplace is key to getting the results you pictured. Here are some important questions that will guide you to get the most suitable fireplace.

What Do You Need An Outdoor Fireplace For?

An import factor that most people do not think affects the choice of fireplaces is the purpose it is intended for. You need to consider whether you will be using the fireplace for entertainment or if you just need a place to keep a few family members warm during cold evenings. If you need an outdoor fireplace for entertaining several guests then you should go for a bigger size. If you only need it for a few people then a smaller fireplace will be suitable. The key is to ensure that the fireplace serves the purpose of keeping the company warm during those chilly seasons when you want to sit outside.

We at Greenville Landscaping can build and install outdoor fireplaces for both these purposes. We have unique designs that can fit either of these styles and give you the best outcome.

What Size Should My Outdoor Fireplace Be?

This will largely be determined by the amount of space you have. We advise our clients to go with large fireplaces if they have adequate space for it. A large fireplace in a cramped space is not exactly a good picture. On the other hand, if you have a large backyard then a large fireplace is a great way to complement the landscape.

Apart from that, you have to consider whether the fireplace accentuates your house. If your house is a contemporary style, then going for modern styles of outdoor fireplaces is advisable. If you want to contrast a modern house by having a vintage fireplace, this is also possible. Reach out to us and check the designs that suit your home. We are always happy to help you in making the right decisions regarding your new fireplace.

An outdoor fireplace made of brick on a patio.

Would You Need A Gas Fireplace Or Wood Fireplace Outside?

Both these have their own advantages and disadvantages. With wood fireplaces, you will have to install a chimney as well. You may also have to check for a permit if you’re in an area where pollution is an issue. The pro is that with a wood fireplace, you get the rustic feel from your fireplace. It’s ideal especially if your backyard is large enough to accommodate it.

The advantage of having a gas outdoor fireplace is that it burns clean and does not produce soot. That means you will not be risking complaints from your neighbor’s because of the amount of smoke being produced. Unfortunately, a gas fireplace often means that your chances of installing the fireplace at the position you want it are limited. The gas line has to pass through specific points to prevent any gas-related accidents.

We at Greenville Landscaping can give you your options and guide you through the decision to choose between those two types of outdoor fireplaces. We will also provide our expert opinion if you need us to when you’re deciding the location for the fireplace.

Does Landscape Matter?

Yes, your landscape matters a lot. You will have to consider the entire outlook of the place. If you are planning on having an organized outdoor place, you should consider the flow. You can call us to get the opinion of our expert specialists and their advice on what the best plan for your backyard is. We will help you integrate the fireplace with the style that you have in mind.

What About Self Installation?

While this is cost-friendly, it may pose some risks not to mention the fact that it will consume too much of your time. We at Greenville Landscaping can give you expert results. We also save you time and ensure that the fireplace we install is durable. With proper maintenance, it will last for a very long time. One disadvantage of doing the job yourself is that you may not be aware of the best places to get the materials to install a durable fireplace.

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