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Let’s face it: going to a bar every day is not sustainable in the long run, or will it hold well with your family and spouse. Well, if you can’t go to the bar, why not let the bar come to you. “How,” you ask? Have you thought about installing an outdoor bar? Maybe you just want to sit down in your backyard and relax in the great outdoors as you enjoy a nice cold one and bask in the scenery.

The best thing about a custom outdoor bar is that you can design the layout anyhow you see fit. At Greenville Landscaping, no idea is too crazy or impractical for us to bring into fruition the outdoor bar you’ve always dreamed of. Contact our landscaping company today at (864) 635-2560 to request a free quote!

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Why Should You Have A Custom Outdoor Bar?

Having a personal outdoor bar is an excellent addition to any home for the following reasons:

Perfect Party Spot

According to HGTV, constructing an inviting outdoor space is key for entertainment. It’s better to have a party outside compared to having one inside the house, and especially if you have little ones. An outdoor bar can prove to be an invaluable resource for all party seasons. Whether it’s in the scorching heat of summer or cold of the night, an outdoor bar can provide shade and warmth if need be. This kind of setting encourages relaxed conversations with positive vibes filling the atmosphere. Adding extra features around the bar will see your place be the number one party spot for your family and friends.

Expands You Living Area

There’s no need to add another room with a roof and walls, whereas you can use the outdoor space. There are custom outdoor bar designs that increase the available space you already have and can act as extensions of the main living area. In that, you can be enjoying a beer or two as you wait for the food on the other adjacent side, which is the kitchen.

Aesthetic Appeal

A custom outdoor bar comes with its fair share of attention and critic. So when you do it, you have to make sure you are on point when it comes to aesthetics. Bringing the bar on your back porch is a big deal so you can’t afford to be lacking. We at Greenville Landscaping are specialists in creating innovative and sustainable designs that are sure to give you the appeal you want.

Increase Resale Value

People these days want contemporary designs that are intriguing and leave an impression. Having an outdoor bar is a huge price when spiking the price of the home. Greenville Landscaping outdoor bar designs are elegant looking, durable and will accentuate your outdoor and home environment. And with home improvement receiving massive traction over the years, it can prove to be a financial investment with a high ROI.

Regardless of the reasons you want a custom outdoor bar installed, we at Greenville Landscaping can provide you with the expert landscaping services near Greenville you are looking for. We will hear you out first to get a picture of what your vision and work towards making our outdoor bar dream a reality!

A well-stocked covered outdoor bar.

What Are The Custom Outdoor Bar Designs And Layouts Available?

Depending on what you and your budget permit, the design of the outdoor bar can elaborate or simple. The key phrase here is ‘custom’ – it can be anything you wish it to be.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Combination

This combo can feature a stone structure to host a summertime cookout. It can also feature a counter space that will be used for prepping and cooking food as the guests enjoy a beverage as they watch and chat with the so-called ‘chef’. If you are thinking about grilling, we advise that you account for the elements and proximity to the house. You don’t want smoking blowing into the faces of your visitors or house. When installing an outdoor kitchen and bar, we’ll consider some of these factors to help you get the best of both worlds. Plus, having food and drinks is an excellent way of easing into a conversation.

Outdoor Bar With Pizza Oven

Pizza is a popular delicacy that goes with anything. And when having drinks, it can be nice knowing you don’t have to wait for delivery with an Outdoor Bar with Pizza Oven in your yard. Pizzas will just be dispatched on the countertops and decorated with herbs plucked from the garden.

Open Kitchen

If your kitchen is overlooking your patio or deck, then it’s in the perfect location for an open bar concept. We can make a custom outdoor bar that connects the kitchen with the patio directly to create an open kitchen bar. It will be like a restaurant-like open bar with food and drinks coming in quick succession.


This design sees the bar situated in the corner of the patio that is accessible from the inside. Whether the elements are good or bad, it really doesn’t matter; the bar is an extension of the living area. Plus, this way, you won’t have to worry about drinking inside in the line of view of little ones. As a homeowner, you can have us install a ceiling and fan for the hot summer months.

Rustic Lodge

This outdoor bar features a wood-slab countertop and rustic shade. The shade makes the custom outdoor bar make sense when the sun is blazing. It’s one of the most straightforward installations we do.

An outdoor bar is an excellent place for family and guests to gather as the little ones play somewhere else away from adult conversation and drinks. It’s not actually a bad idea since you’ll be inhaling fresh, clean air, which creates a great atmosphere and vibe for having conversion and enjoy drinks as you catch up. What’s more, with cool fresh air outside, the chances of one passing out or feeling suffocated significantly plummet.

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