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Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen? Do you want a cool place in your backyard where you can entertain your guests and have relaxing evenings? Well, you should call Greenville Landscaping and we will install the best outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Call our landscaping contractors at (864) 635-2560 and get a free estimate on your outdoor kitchen now.

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Why Is Having An Outdoor Kitchen A Good Idea?

By hiring us to install your outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy some of the following benefits.

A Great Place For Entertaining

Whether on the weekend or after a long day, you can grill meat on the patio and have an amazing BBQ with your friends or neighbors. It’s the best place to socialize as the food is being prepared.

Boost The Value Of Your Home

If you are planning on selling your home, an outdoor kitchen is the best way to increase the value. We can install stainless steel appliances in the outdoor kitchen so they can withstand the changing temperatures effortlessly. It’s an amazing investment for your home now and in the future.

Save A Lot Of Money On Utility Bills

During the hot summer season, you will take advantage of the weather outside and prepare food outdoors. Therefore, you will save more money on your AC than you would if you were preparing food indoors. You will save a lot of money on energy consumption.

Remove The Odor From Your Home

When preparing food in your home, some types might smell amazing while others don’t. Note that, some of these smells might linger in your home for a long time. That’s why an outdoor kitchen is a great idea. You can prepare any type of food and keep the odor outside your home.

Extend Your Home

If you have a large backyard, an outdoor kitchen is the best way to extend your home outdoors. These kitchens are basically an invite to the outdoors and you can spend a lot of time with your family out there especially on hot summer nights.

What Should You Consider When Installing An Outdoor Kitchen?

At Greenville Landscaping, we are proud to install any outdoor kitchen of your choice. We have numerous designs in mind that we can incorporate to bring out the best results. Some of the things we consider before installing an outdoor kitchen include:

The Budget

Once you contact us, we will talk about the budget you have in mind for the outdoor kitchen. We offer affordable services and will ensure that you get your dream outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank.

Of course, we will also consider installing items of higher material quality to ensure durability. Don’t forget about the utilities such as gas and running water to make your outdoor kitchen efficient. We will discuss everything in detail to make sure you have an idea of the best design of an outdoor kitchen in your budget.

The Location

If you are planning to install an outdoor kitchen, we are here for you. However, we need to put the location in consideration before installing on. For instance, if there are drastic climate changes, we will avoid installing natural stone and tile countertops in the outdoor kitchen to avoid cracking.

Also, PVC and other materials tend to warp or bend with extreme temperatures, especially if used on cabinets. Therefore, we recommend stainless steel for all the appliances in the outdoor kitchen since it can withstand elements.

A shaded outdoor kitchen in a back yard.

You need to consider additional items such as outdoor heaters to use the kitchen during cold weather. Even better, you should add a roof and fans for hot weather. These additions will make the outdoor kitchen usable at any time of the year.

Finally, if you are living in a coastal region, the sea air and saltwater will damage some materials for your outdoor kitchen. However, we can install marine grade stainless steel for all the kitchen items since the material is resistant to corrosion.

The Layout

If you choose Greenville Landscaping to install your outdoor kitchen, we will configure the best layout for your outdoor kitchen depending on your backyard. We can ensure that the layout complements various areas outside your home such as the patio, backyard, rooftop and deck.

We will check the available space and ensure it’s perfect for an outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have enough space, we can always install a grill and a cabinet effortlessly. However, if there’s more space, we will add a few more cabinets, a sink as well as an in-built grill. With a larger space, we can provide the best options for bartending, cooking and refrigeration without any hassle.

The Functionality

When installing your outdoor kitchen, we will also consider the functionality of the space. You should have a designated cold, wet, dry and hot zone. The cold area is for refrigeration purposes while the hot area is where we install the cooking appliances.

The wet area is mostly for washing dishes or can serve as a bartending station. Finally, there’s the dry area where you can prepare the meals and have some extra counter space. With proper placement of these zones, we will also consider the utilities so we will leave enough space for electric, gas, and water.

Why Choose Us?

Now that you know the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen and how we will do it for you, here are some reasons why you should call us now.

First, we are an experienced Greenville, SC, landscaping company. We are well-versed in all areas related to landscaping including installation of outdoor kitchens. We have worked with numerous clients over the years to get a good reputation and we are ready to provide our references.

Also, we are very affordable, especially for people looking to install an outdoor kitchen on a budget. We will find the right kitchen for you in your backyard without breaking the bank.

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