Native Plants: Beautifying Your Garden Sustainably

native plants do not need special care in order to thrive

Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful garden, where they can relax and enjoy a bit of nature. Some people will go to great lengths to create conservatories for exotic plants and work around the clock to maintain the ideal environmental and soil conditions for their plants. But experienced Greenville landscaping contractors know that South Carolina offers a bounty of native plants which help you have your perfect garden in a sustainable manner.

Let us show you just a few of these sturdy native beauties which thrive in your backyard during all seasons.

1. Magnolia

The magnolia tree is one of the most beautiful trees – an instant eye-catcher when they bloom in spring. The flowers are large, with luscious petals colored white, pink, purple and even yellow.

Magnolias are prized Southern trees (they even give the name of a famous movie – Steel Magnolias) and are not at all fussy about soil conditions and temperatures. They withstand the hot summers without problems, and survive the cold months with just basic winterization precautions.

2. Cardinal Flower

The late summer is the moment when this award winning plant blooms into bright red clumps of flowers. There is no way of ignoring its beauty, especially if you choose a creative design for your flower beds.

The plant grows 2 to 4 feet tall and is extremely hardy. It requires low care and faces most pests successfully without any kind of precautions. Moreover, the cardinal flower will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees – so your garden will be buzzing with life and color. However, it is toxic to dogs, cats and horses – so you should be careful about your pets.

3. Butterfly Weed

As its name indicates, this bushy plant attracts butterflies like honey. In fact, it is critical to the survival of monarch butterflies in North America, whose population has decreased by nearly 90% since the early 2000s.

By planting butterfly weed in your garden, you help an endangered species. Also, its bright orange clump of flowers makes a spectacular color splash against the green grass and other trees and plants.

you do not need exotic plants to have a beautiful garden

4. Blue Star

After so much red and orange, an experienced Greenville landscaping contractor knows that it’s time for a contrasting color in your garden. Our recommendation is the delicate blue star. Its periwinkle blue star shaped flowers look great among other native plants in your garden.

Moreover the plant has high tolerance to heat and humidity and keeps blooming for almost two months during late spring and early summer. Even during fall, the blue star looks beautiful, as its foliage turns a golden-yellow color.

5. Azalea

Azaleas are extremely popular all over South Carolina, because it produces vibrantly colored flowers and is easy to trim to suit your design tastes. The range of color of its blooms is generous: bright pink, snowy white and deep purple.

Typically, the azalea bush grows about 20 feet tall and is a great source of nectar and shelter for various pollinators, including butterflies and bees.

6. Dogwood

The small dogwood bush is an ideal choice if you want a colorful garden both in spring and in fall. It blooms bright white in spring and produces beautiful red berries in fall.

This is also one of the most beloved native plants in South Carolina, embellishing many public and private gardens.

Let Our Greenville Landscaping Contractors Pick the Best Native Plants for Your Garden!

If you are not sure how to mix and match the native plants and shrubs we recommended in this article, do not worry. Our team of skilled Greenville landscaping contractors knows everything about the right planting moment, how to group shrubs together and how to create a beautiful mix of colors and textures in your garden.

We can beautify even small spaces and turn them into cozy nature corners where you can enjoy yourself with family and friends. Call us today to get a free estimate on your gardening project at 864-635-2560!


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