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Creating the perfect landscaping feature requires attention to detail, professional-grade techniques, and refined materials. At Greenville Landscaping, our team of building experts ensures you get the complete package from day one.

Our Greenville hardscaping contractors are passionate, well-trained, and ready to assist at a moment’s notice. When it comes to conventional concrete designs, we understand the ins and outs of what makes this material a wonderful fit for your property.

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What are the Benefits of Concrete Designs?

On top of raising the value of your property concrete design benefits include:


Concrete is established as one of the most reliable and consistent materials in the world of landscaping. We have been using this material for years and recognize how well it can hold up in bad weather. For those wanting a long-lasting landscaping feature then it’s best to start with this material.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is a concern for those without a lot of time or money. Concrete is known for aging well and doesn’t break down as easily even when used regularly. This provides peace of mind and is ideal for those wanting to make a good investment. Once the concrete design comes to life, it will last for a substantial amount of time.


Concrete is easy to customize with the help of a seasoned expert such as the ones found at Greenville Landscaping. A qualified professional will provide a slew of options to choose from including different colors, shapes, and more. This flexibility is what pushes concrete ahead as a material for modern landscaping features.

Bang for Your Buck

There is nothing better than getting a good return on investment and that’s where concrete shines. It ages well and continues to look great allowing it to add value to the property’s bottom line. If the goal is to make a reasonable investment then it’s best to start with concrete.

How Long Does it Take To Complete a Concrete Design?

This will come down to how the project is envisioned, how large the feature will be, and where it is going to be set up. Each detail plays a role in determining the underlying schedule our team follows.

For more information on the schedule or timeline, it’s best to speak to our representative during the initial consultation. This will shed light on what concrete designs are all about, what works best for your landscape in Greenville, SC, and how to get it right using this wonderful material.

A concrete walkway leading to the backdoor of a home, contact our contractors to discuss your hardscaping design needs.

Why Choose Greenville Landscaping?

We appreciate how important the right concrete landscaping feature can be for your property. It can change the entire look for the property and increase its value in a matter of days.

Due to this, we take our time during the design phase in understanding what your vision is and how to make it come to life properly. Concrete is a fascinating material and its versatility allows property owners leeway to create something remarkable. If you are after guidance, our representative will take the time to go through these details from day one.

This is what allows Greenville Landscaping an opportunity to shine and showcase its excellence. We are the best for a reason and it starts with quality concrete designs.

What Keeps the Base From Shifting or Cracking?

A common concern mentioned to us involves concrete shifting and/or cracking under pressure.

Our team has worked with concrete designs for years and understands how to lay a solid foundation. This includes assessing the surrounding landscaping features, digging properly, and making sure everything has been inspected by a specialist beforehand. It’s this attention to detail that ensures the base remains reliable for years to come.

We never cut corners in this regard. This means we use 3/4 crushed concrete and set it on a strong foundation.

Along with this, we also focus on using additional materials such as a 10mm rebar to make sure everything stays in place and functional. By going with us for concrete design, you are guaranteed access to a state-of-the-art solution right away.

What is the Difference Between the Various Types of Concrete?

The term “concrete” is often used to describe a selection of materials available to landscaping companies.

At Greenville Landscaping, we find it important to highlight these differences and make sure you get to make the best decision for your property.

In general, there are two types of materials often made available to landscapers and one of them is not concrete (i.e. pavers). Pavers are simple stones and/or bricks that are used to create comprehensive landscaping features. On the other hand, stamped or patterned concrete is a robust concrete that can be customized down to the last detail.

The reason we love the idea of using concrete has to do with this pronounced versatility. It allows you to play around with the shapes and colors to get it to match with the rest of your layout.

What Types of Concrete Designs are Available?

There are several different types of concrete designs available to property owners wanting to spice things up at home. Whether it is a patio, custom walkway, or any other type of landscaping feature, we have the ability to bring it to life for you.

To make sure things are done the right way, we have a seasoned specialist go over the finer details right away. This allows you to show us what works best and what you want to see.

From this point forward, we begin to work on creating a full-fledged design and have it sync with the rest of your landscape.

Speak with a Contractor About Your Greenville Concrete Design Project

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