Spring Gardening Checklist for Proud Homeowners

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Spring is the season when everything comes back to life after the long, cold winter. It is the perfect time to pick up your gardening gloves and get busy around your front and back yard. Our Greenville landscaping contractors are here to help you at every step of the way and we start with this helpful spring gardening checklist.

Here are the tasks you should perform now, in order to get your garden in good order for the coming summer.

1. Prune Trees and Shrubs that Do Not Bloom in Early Spring

Most people prefer pruning their trees in fall, to prepare them for the spring bloom. However, if you hurry up, you can still do the job at the beginning of spring, before your trees and flowering shrubs start blooming.

Pruning is essential to keep plants healthy, remove dead branches and encourage vigorous growth. However, some shrubs, such as the “Big Daddy” hydrangea, should not be pruned in spring, as you may cut off new buds.

2. Tidy Up the Beds

Flower and herb beds enjoyed the layer of dead leaves during the winter. It kept your plants warm and provided nutrients and moisture. However, now it is time to remove any debris and clear up the flower beds.

They need sunlight to start growing and thrive. So, pick up the rake, collect all vegetable debris for the compost pile, and let your beloved plants enjoy some much-needed sunlight and warmth.

3. Start or Turn the Compost Pile

Speaking of compost piles, spring is the perfect season to start one. Use all the leftover dead leaves from the winter time and add up any new vegetable material you collect from pruning trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses.

If you already have a compost pile, it is time to turn it upside down and add some water to speed up the composting process. You will need the contents to nourish the soil and you can also reduce the quantity of waste going into the landfill.

spring is the perfect moment for several gardening projects

4. Weed, Nourish and Mulch the Soil

As you will start planting new flowers and herbs, you should prepare the soil to help the new seedlings grow. Talk to an experienced Greenville landscaping contractor about the best nutrients to add to your garden, depending on the type of soil and the plants you want to grow.

However, before you apply nutrients, make sure that you pull out all the weeds. They enjoy extra food as much as your plants and are extremely sturdy – so they may take over your entire garden.

For a finishing touch, add mulch to the beds and around tree roots. It protects the plants from pests, keeps the roots warm in winter and also looks beautiful.

5. Don’t Forget about Pest Control

Next on the spring gardening checklist – stop pests in their tracks. Critters of various types of sizes become active in spring. They are on the lookout for new shoots, plants and bulbs to feed on. Do not let them ruin your garden – look for an adequate natural or synthetic pest solution and apply it all over your garden.

6. Consider Doing Hardscaping Projects in Spring

Do you want to add a new walkway with pebbles or stepping stones? Are you considering a new retaining wall or adding a patio extension to your home? Spring is the right moment for these projects. The weather is neither too cold nor too hot, and you can plan these hardscaping projects together with your garden.

7. Bring Out Your Plants and Seedlings

As spring has set in, you can bring out the sensitive plants you’ve kept indoors over the winter. You can also start planting seedlings into their permanent bed in the garden and watch them grow and blossom

Talk to Our Greenville Landscaping Contractors about Any Gardening Jobs!

Whether you need supplies for your spring gardening checklist or help with a hardscaping project Greenville landscaping contractors are here to help you. No job is too big or too small for us.

And nothing makes us happier than seeing your happy smile when you look at your beautiful garden. So, don’t delay getting your garden in proper order. Call us today to get a free estimate on your project: 864-635-2560!


Spring Gardening Checklist for Proud Homeowners
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