Essential Winter Landscaping Maintenance Tips

winter landscaping maintenance tips to protect your garden

As winter is coming, many homeowners contact our Greenville landscaping contractors to ask for advice. They want their trees, shrubs, and flowers to thrive during the cold season, so they want to learn some winter landscaping maintenance ideas.

Here are the most important things to do for your front and back yard before winter sets in.

Keep Raking Fallen Leaves

Many people prefer leaving fallen leaves in place to act as a natural fertilizer. In reality, they will slowly rot under snow causing mold to appear and spread among your plants. If you want to go natural with fertilization, collect the leaves and compost them properly.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Speaking of fertilizers, this is an important winter landscaping maintenance task for lawns. You should complete it before the first freeze and the next spring you will enjoy the lush green grass. You will also be spared the task of breaking the hard ground to fertilize it.

Continue Watering Your Garden

Many people believe that their lawns and plants do not need watering as fall sets in. In reality, you cannot rely on rain alone. You should talk to your landscaping specialist about the best watering schedule. Your plants need to start winter properly hydrated, otherwise, they may develop various diseases.

Cover Trees with Thin Barks

Young or newly planted trees often have a thin bark, unsuitable to protect them from freezing during the winter. Prepare light-colored covers (tarp or hessian) and wrap them around the trunks.

Take Note of Sturdy Plants If You Are Landscaping before Winter

If you start arranging your front and back yard in the fall, it is important to choose plants that fare well in the South Carolina climate. The US Department of Agriculture has a helpful interactive map, which will help you select the right shrubs, trees, and plants for your garden.

Of course, you can also ask our Greenville landscaping contractors. We are more than happy to help you create your ideal garden without requiring special care or a conservatory.

Mulch the Garden and Tree Beds

Mulch is one of the most important items to have ready during winter landscaping maintenance. It acts as a natural repellent for bugs and crawling pests and insulates the roots of trees and shrubs during the winter. Composted leaves that you raked during the fall are ideal to use as mulch if you do not want to buy it.

applying mulch around tree roots will help them thrive during winter

Cut the Grass Short

Before winter comes, you should take out the trimmer and give your lawn a fresh cut. Make sure to make it shorter than usual. This will help prevent snow mold and reduce the risk of damage from frost.

Our landscaping specialists recommend cutting your lawn about two inches shorter at this moment.

Winterize the Sprinkler System

Use compressed air to push out any water from the network of pipes forming your sprinkler system. This will prevent them from freezing and breaking during the winter. The task will not take more than half an hour, and it will save you a lot of trouble and expenses.

Prune All Trees on Your Property

Check every tree for dead and broken branches and prune them. These unhealthy branches can cause a lot of damage to the entire tree during the winter. Moreover, in case of a storm, they can fall on your roof, causing significant damage.

Protect Plants against Road Salt

If your front garden is close to the road, place covers over the plants and shrubs next to it. Your local council will spread salt to melt ice and snow and it can be easily sprayed by passing cars onto your plants, killing them. Also, consider not using salt on your driveway as a snow removal solution.

Bring Sensitive Potted Plants Indoors

Finally, all exotic and sensitive plants need to change their residence from your porch or garden to your rooms. As the weather gets colder, they cannot survive outdoors anymore. However, you will be able to enjoy them every day, as you will also spend more time in the warm comfort of your home.

Our Greenville Landscaping Contractors Will Help You Winterize Your Garden!

If you don’t have the time to apply these winter landscaping maintenance tips, do not worry! Our team of experienced contractors is here to help you. We will make sure that each plant and tree in your garden receives proper protection for the cold season.

So, don’t wait any longer! Take advantage of the pleasant weather and call our Greenville landscaping contractors at 864-635-2560!


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