Why Proper Drainage Is Crucial for a Healthy Lawn

proper drainage protects your house and lawn

Some homeowners call our Greenville landscaping contractors to have a look at their lawn because it fails to thrive despite their best efforts. Yellowing patches of grass, shorn earth, and other similar problems are major eyesores for any proud homeowner. And they all have the same common cause: poor drainage.

In this article, we will explain why proper drainage is essential for your lawn and home and how to achieve it effectively.

1. Proper Drainage Prevents Flooding

Without drainage, every major storm or even regular irrigation can cause flooding to your lawn. The risk is higher if your property stands over the water table in your area or if the lawn has a slope.

Professional landscaping professionals know how to evaluate the lay of the land and calculate the precise angle and direction of drainage to resolve this problem once and for all.

2. Standing Water Damages the Lawn and Attracts Pests

Lawns need water to thrive – but not in excess. In many cases, lack of drainage causes standing water, which effectively kills the grass. Not say that the muddy surface is impractical for walking, playing with your kids, or having a meal outdoors.

Moreover, standing water attracts all sorts of pests, such as:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Midges.

Once they find a nurturing habitat in your flooded lawn, it will be very hard to get rid of them. In most of the cases, you will have to pay exterminators to rid you of this extra problem.

3. Water Causes Soil Erosion in Time

When water takes hold of a plot of land, it starts working and breaking down or washing away the soil. This causes several problems:

  • The soil is depleted of nutrients necessary for your lawn to thrive
  • You will see cracks and pockmarks on the lawn
  • The entire area becomes unstable for any buildings you may plan in the future.

Thus, your constant investment in nutrients for your beloved plants will go to waste, as they will be washed away faster than you can replenish them.

without a draining system, your lawn will deteriorate

4. Constant Flooding Causes Contamination

When rainwater ends up pooling on your lawn, it will bring large amounts of runoff. This natural debris is usually not good for lawns or any flowers, or shrubbery you planted. Also, the runoff often contains seeds of weeds which will easily take hold and will be difficult to remove.

5. Pooling Water May Cause Foundation Damage

Excess water in your lawn will soon find its way towards your house, and start eroding the soil around the foundations. In time, the foundation will start cracking and you will have to deal with flooding in the basement.

This, and all the other issues we discussed, can be easily prevented by installing proper drainage.

Effective Drainage Solutions for Your Lawn

Landscaping specialists will recommend the best and most unobtrusive solution for dealing with excess water on your lawn. Some of the most popular drainage solutions chosen by homeowners are:

  • Installing a French drain
  • Creating a rain garden filled with water-loving plants, which will use up all excess water
  • Building a dry well
  • Installing a drainpipe
  • Creating a creek bed.

Any of these solutions will solve the problem, without creating an eyesore on your lawn. In fact, some of these options are attractive additions to the existing landscaping.

Hire Our Greenville Landscaping Contractors to Install Drainage on Your Lawn!

Our dedicated team of Greenville landscaping contractors knows how to solve the problem of water pooling or flooding your lawn. We will find the most efficient and visually pleasing solution, taking into account your ideas and your budget.

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