7 Plants That Can Overtake Your Garden and Home

plants like wisteria can overtake your garden

Many homeowners contact our Greenville landscaping contractors asking for help to get rid of plants spreading out of control. These plants are not weeds. They look beautiful and decorative and many people plant them in their front or back yard.  However, they have a very fast growth rate and are extremely difficult to contain.

Let’s take a closer look at plants that can overtake your garden. Our landscapers can recommend the best types of plants for your home, so contact us today.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is considered lucky by some people. It also looks great in a pot by the window. So why not plant it in your garden? The fact is that the main advantage of bamboo – it is one of the top renewable building materials, is also the biggest danger it poses.

Once planted, bamboo will spread very quickly. It can overtake your garden and also invade your neighbor’s property. Having proper edging around the garden doesn’t matter, bamboo will find a way over and beyond it.

2. Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a climbing plant with pretty and fragrant flowers, usually violet or white. However, once it takes hold, morning glory is there to stay. It has an incredibly resilient root system, which is almost impossible to remove completely.

If you still have a few roots left in the ground, morning glory will soon regenerate and take over your garden.

It may be a very beautiful sight, but your entire garden will be soon covered in morning glory, suffocating other plants and shrubs.

3. Wisteria

Just like morning glory, wisteria is a climbing plant with exquisitely beautiful flowers. When it is in full bloom, the sight is spectacular. But this plant has a fast-growing root system, which sends shoots far away from the core.

Once they grow big enough, they will push everything out of their way, including shrubs, other plants, and even trees. Since this growth happens under the ground, it is next to impossible to monitor and control it.

4. Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon has beautiful, large flowers in delicate color patterns: pink and red, purple and pink, red and white, and blue and pink. It requires little maintenance, as it is a sturdy shrub that adapts well to all kinds of weather.

However, Rose of Sharon multiplies quickly by sending seeds in pods blown by the wind. In a short time, it can take over your entire garden, as well as neighboring properties.

rose of Sharon can spread to your neighbor's gardens

5. Mint

Mint is both a fragrant plant and a herb that can be used in food and drinks. However, it would be best if you stuck to growing it in pots, instead of planting it in your garden. Its roots spread very quickly and will deprive other plants of nutrients and water. You will be practically able to map the roots of mint plants by the patches of dead vegetation in the garden.

6. English Ivy

Houses covered in English ivy look beautiful in movies. In real life, this climbing plant will completely take over your house and the outdoor area around it.

The thick and fast-growing vines of this plant can damage the roof, break windows, and even strangle trees.  Also, English ivy berries are toxic both to people and pets.

7. Himalayan and Cutleaf Blackberry

Planting berry bushes is a great way of blending landscaping with a source of natural and healthy edibles. One common instance is the blackberry bush. However, be careful about the variety you are choosing.

Himalayan and Cutleaf blackberries are very invasive and difficult to contain. You can recognize them by the ridged stems with five angles. The non-invasive varieties have rounded stems.

Ask Greenville Landscaping Contractors for Advice Before Planting!

Most of the plants here are beautiful and you may be tempted to plant them yourself to make your garden more beautiful. However, you will soon discover that the respective plant has overtaken your garden and ruined it completely.

To prevent this, your best option is to consult with our Greenville landscaping contractors before planting anything in your garden. We have extensive knowledge of all types of garden plants and can recommend the best selection for your home. Call us today at 864-635-2560 or contact us online for a free quote!


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