French Drains

French drains are an exceptional tool for regulating and controlling groundwater on your land. With a comprehensive gravel-filled design using perforated piping, our team at Greenville Landscaping can provide a comprehensive solution personalized for your needs.

Our Greenville landscaping contractors have years of experience in designing and setting up modern French drains. This ensures the pipe helps manage groundwater and won’t let moisture slip through and damage the surrounding elements.

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What are the Benefits of French Drains?

Installing a French drain is an excellent decision and can elevate a property’s design. By having a professional assess your layout, come up with a customized drain, and make sure everything is lined up as intended, the benefits can be substantial.

These benefits include:

Reduces Chances of Flooding

Flooding is a primary concern when there’s a slope or elevated stretch of land involved. Due to this, it’s recommended to have a setup that can alleviate any undue pressures being put on the land that may cause flooding. A French drain is designed to ensure there’s some form of protection in place when there’s rain or any type of precipitation.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Groundwater should sit in one place and that’s where a professional-grade French drain makes a difference. It is also one of the most elegant solutions for managing excess moisture and will make sure everything is heading in the right direction. Landscaping is all about the finer details, but a good drain is also going to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Increases Property Value

Your property value is going to rise when this drain is installed and set up the right way. A specialist with years of experience can help maximize how the drain is installed, how groundwater passes through it, and how efficiently it ages. This will immediately increase your property’s value.


The way in which a French drain is set up and used ensures the environment remains safe. Having groundwater sit in the same spot can be damaging to the garden and/or surrounding elements. By using a state-of-the-art French drain as a way to regulate moisture, it becomes easier to have everything trickling through from point A to point B without having it sit.

Is a French Drain a Long-Term solution for Waterproofing?

French Drains aren’t cited for being permanent solutions and will have to be maintained and/or refreshed over the coming years. However, when a quality French drain is installed by certified professionals such as the ones on our team, you are going to have a far greater chance of the drain lasting at least 7-10 years before needing to be retouched.

Based on our research and experience, these drains can go a long way in improving the quality of your landscape and will lead to significant savings by prolonging the life of everything else.

Can a French Drain Reduce the Beauty of Your Landscape?

No, we believe French drains are appreciated in the world of real estate and are often cited for being a cutting-edge solution for managing groundwater. They will increase the value of your property and look gorgeous at the same time. It’s essential to make sure the French drain is installed by professionals and works as it is supposed to.

A trusted landscaper near Greenville can make sure everything is efficiently set up and it looks easy on the eyes.

A French drain system being installed in a yard.

Can French Drains Stop Seasonal Flooding?

The idea of using a French drain is to make sure your property is protected throughout the year and any type of slope doesn’t lead to unwanted flooding in your basement. Keeping this in mind, our specialist is going to take the time to analyze your layout, focus on where the groundwater sits, and then come up with a customized French drain design.

This is the reason to always go with a reputable landscaping company to make sure the French drain does work as intended. This is the only way the investment is going to be in your favor and lead to positive results.

In general, a quality French drain will stop or reduce seasonal flooding and act as a viable part of your basement waterproofing plan.

How Much Does a French Drain Cost?

The cost is going to vary based on how the property is set up, what elements are already in place, and which materials are used to create the new drain.

Our initial consultations also include a comprehensive look at how long the drain is going to be, where it’s going to end, and how long it will take to dig the site before the materials are laid. Each detail can increase or decrease the costs associated with the project.

For more information on this, always feel free to speak to our experts and learn more about what your project will include. We take pride in going the extra mile when it comes to pricing and our FREE quote will always be competitive.

Do I Need a French Drain for My Property?

This is going to be unique to your situation and what your property requires. Based on our expertise in the world of landscaping, we believe a high-quality French drain can make a difference and make sure your waterproofing strategy is improved tenfold.

A professional with years of experience can help map out a detailed strategy for how the drain will be laid including assessing how it’s going to improve your waterproofing plan. This is imperative for property owners wanting to avoid dealing with still groundwater and/or seasonal flooding in their basement.

It’s recommended to go through with the consultation and begin understanding your options as a property owner.

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