What are Some of the Most Popular Features of Hardscaping in South Carolina Today?


One thing the Coronavirus has taught us is that it’s important to create an oasis in your own home. Most of us have never had to spend so much time at home before in our lives. One way to liven up your home is to create a backyard oasis. While you may not have any idea how to do this, your local hardscape technician in Greenville does.

Even if you have a lush, green yard now, you can still transform it. Who doesn’t want to have a space in their backyard where they can spend their downtime? You don’t need a pool or fancy pond to have a pleasant outdoor experience. There are 5 major features that people are demanding of their landscape and hardscape artists today. The good news is that it doesn’t cost all that much to make some of these things happen. And, if you hire the right designer, it won’t take all that much time either.

Here, we’ll highlight the 5 most popular outdoor features available today. If you’re interested in changing the look of your outdoor space, call our office today. We can schedule a time to come out and provide you with some fresh ideas and a free estimate.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen and Enjoy Great Weekend Parties

Most people who like to entertain already have BBQ grills out back. Who doesn’t like to have a hot dog or cheeseburger every now and then? But have you ever thought about building an outdoor kitchen in your yard? If you have the available space outdoors, this is a great idea. You can replicate your indoor kitchen in your outdoor space. Our hardscape designers can help you create the perfect grill station and oven in your backyard. You can include fancy countertops, a sink and an oven. The only limit to how grand your outdoor kitchen will be is your imagination.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits Are All the Rage

Years ago, if you were shopping for a fire pit, you were limited to a few shapes – round and square. Today, there are all sorts of fire pits you can choose from. They come in both gas and wood varieties. We do suggest that, if you go with a wood fire pit, you’re going to want to install it further away from the house. But wherever you decide to set it up, you can even design comfortable seating around your pit. If a fire pit isn’t your thing, you can opt for an outdoor fireplace instead.

Have Our Team Design an Intricate Patio for You

Whether you already have an outdoor patio or look at a patch of grass all day long, we can help. One way to transform your backyard is to install a brand-new patio. You can choose from a variety of pavers. Or you may even opt for stone or tile. It all depends on your taste and budget. Our designers can help you create multi-level patios and decks and use a variety of textiles. Our experts will consult with the municipality to make sure your new patio is up to code as well.

Create an Elaborate and Inviting Walkway

Unless you live on a farm or large property, you probably already have a walkway out front of your house. There’s no reason why you can’t upgrade what you have now to an elaborate walkway. If you like to entertain, you want to make sure your walkway is large enough to accommodate a small crowd. And if you have a lot of traffic in and out of your side or back yards, you’ll want to create an additional walkway for them to use. Our team can help you do this in no time at all.

Retaining Walls are a Good Idea for Bigger Yards

If you live in an area where you have a good bit of land, you may want to consider a retaining wall. For people who like to maintain a garden or flower area, this is a good idea. A retaining wall is a natural structure that lets you preserve an unnatural slope. They support the soil and are great for people with challenging landscapes.

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If you’re ready to start transforming your outdoor space, call our office today. Our team can come out and help you design an ideal patio or outdoor kitchen. Call today and schedule your free estimate.


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