What Are Some of the Biggest Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners in South Carolina Make?

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Everybody wants to have nice curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to sell your house or not, you don’t want to be the neighbor that everyone talks about. If you don’t take care of your lawn, it can have a big impact on the appearance of your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to a professional landscaper in South Carolina before you make any big decisions. And, if your lawn is in the need of a little TLC, you definitely want to give us a call.

Despite their best intentions, homeowners in South Carolina make the same kinds of landscaping mistakes all the time. Sometimes this is due to not having enough time to concentrate on your yard. Or, you may just have no idea what you’re doing. Either way, you can benefit from a Greenville landscaping professional. They can help you design a plan for your front yard that will not only impress your neighbors but improve the value of your property.

Here, we’ll talk about a few of the biggest landscaping and lawncare mistake property owners make.

They Cut Their Grass Way Too Short

Some neighbors complain when their neighbors don’t cut their lawn often enough. If your lawn gets to be 3 or 4 inches high, you’ll be the talk of the town. But you can go too far in the other direction too. If you cut your grass too short, it won’t look healthy. If you’re not sure how to fix your lawn issues, call our office and let us help.

Do Not Over or Under Fertilize

Most people know they need to fertilize their lawn every now and then. The problem is that a lot of people aren’t sure how often they should do this. It really depends on the sort of grass you have. It also depends on the type of fertilizer you use. So, what you should do is call and talk to a lawn expert and find out the best formula for your lawn’s success.

Never Clutter Your Front Yard with Lawn Ornaments

Lawn ornaments are good in theory. However, when you start to put too many of them on your front yard, things look cluttered. One or two tasteful ornaments are okay near the house. But you don’t want to put too many out there. They make it harder for your landscaper to mow your lawn. And, over time, they start to fade and make your front yard look less than spectacular.

You Don’t Mow Your Lawn Often Enough

The biggest complaint neighbors have is when people don’t mow their lawn often enough. When you drive down the street, you can usually point out the people who don’t take care of their lawn. There’s no good reason for this. If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you. Or, if you can’t do either of these things, keep it simple. Mow it once a week or so and keep it free of debris and ornaments.

Remember – There is a View from the Inside

Most people think about what their lawn looks like from the street. But, have you ever thought about what it looks like from inside? You’re going to be in your home for a long time. You’ll need to look at the view out front all the time. Make sure it’s pleasant. Curb appeal is one thing. But window appeal is important too.

Remember – Not All Things are Weatherproof

If you put ornaments and other items on your lawn, make sure they’re safe all year round. You don’t want to spend money on a bunch of lawn decorations only to have to throw them out a few months later. It’s a good idea to keep it simple. Don’t waste a lot of money on things that aren’t going to last. Take a look at some magazines or creative sights to get an idea of what will work best.

Call and Talk to a Landscaping Professional at Greenville Landscaping Right Away

Nobody wants to find out that their neighbors make fun of their lawn behind their backs. In fact, a lot of homeowners take offense when their neighbors don’t take care of their lawns. That’s why it’s important to discuss the plan for your front yard with a professional. Call our office and set up a time to do your free estimate. We can figure out the best plan for your lawn care needs. We can also help you design a new outdoor space.


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