Top 7 Best Outdoor Bar Designs

A bartender at an outside bar.

Hot and dry seasons call for quality relaxation time. These moments are fully enjoyable and unforgettable when the party is taken outside whether during the day to enjoy the breeze or in the evening. Having an iced beer or a chilled cocktail on the outside especially on sunny days is quite an experience. Who wouldn’t wish to experience this more than once? This is why it always wise as a property owner to invest in an outdoor bar. Having an outdoor bar is the ideal modern way to have fun while still enjoying the comfort of your home. To ensure that you own a decent outdoor bar, you need to consult the best landscape company to do the job.

Greenville Landscaping Home Service is the ideal company that is going to turn your dream of owning an outdoor bar into reality. We have done this job for quite some time now and thanks to our qualified professionals we have been able to achieve tremendous success. We are experts in landscaping amongst other things. More importantly, we can come up with the latest outdoor bar designs and structures.

We can give you reliable services and fast and efficient installation Why take all that time trying to build your ideal outdoor bar by yourself? Call us today at Greenville Landscaping and get the best landscape designers to build your outdoor bar.

There are various styles for outdoor bars that we can do. Here are the top 7

1. Open Kitchen Bar

This is the most common design and most of our customers request this. An Open Kitchen Bar is more suitable if your kitchen faces your deck directly. The open kitchen bar concept will work well for your backyard. In the end, it brings out a restaurant-like bar design that makes it easy for one to serve drinks and food. It is a great place to entertain your guests as you have and chat over some drinks.

2. An Elegant Patio Bar

This is another common design. It is magnificently done using tiles, some iron stools, and the finishing with stately wood. The different columns created during the formation of the bar bring out an ideal outlook. Later, the bar is fitted with the necessary equipment such as a fridge, some chairs, and a table.

A bartender at an outside bar.

3. Combination Of Outdoor Bar And Kitchen

This is the ultimate place to host all friendly summer gatherings around your home. The combination of these two structures means that you can talk to your guests while you prepare a meal and is also perfect for people that love barbecues. As one sips a cold beer and some chilled cocktail, some food could be sizzling and simmering on the grill. While putting up this perfect combination of outdoor bar and kitchen, it is important to consider the distance between the grill station and bar. Put up the grill station a few meters away from the bar to prevent the smoke from getting to your guest while they are sited on the bar.

4. Elongated Bar And Ghost Stools

This style has a bar that makes you feel young again and you can entertain several guests here. It is perfect if you have great summers because you can spend your weekends entertaining at home when you do not feel like going out with friends. The best part about it is that it is a unique style that will never get old. The best materials for this design are brick or stone. You can decide to have elongated chairs if you prefer to have comfort and style simultaneously.

5. Sophisticated Backyard Style

This works best for large backyards. You will have to get floorboards installed to enjoy the full comfort that this style of outdoor bars has. If you have no issue with redoing your yard from scratch, then this is a great style for you. The best choice for seats would be comfortable lounges. Add some colorful large pillows and you will have yourself a great area to entertain.

6. Bar Overlooking A Pool

If you have a pool, take advantage of that and make it a view. A few stools placed behind a counter overlooking the pool is a great way to achieve this Hollywood style. The stools can be high stools fixed into the floor. You can opt for sleek edges to make the bar look modern. If you do not want stools you can also have classic iron chairs.

7. Small Standing Bar Top With Stools

You can decide to have a shelf made either from wood or stone standing in the middle of the yard and add some stools surrounding the bar top. This is a rustic look that suits a smaller backyard. There are wide choices for this design because you can pick any type of stone for the bar top. If you do not have shade for the outdoor bar, a good way to ensure you keep cool is by adding a tent to cover the small area. It will give it the look of a tiki bar.

Why Choose Us

Greenville Landscaping is a landscape company that aims to give clients what they need from us. Our expertise in landscaping is unmatched. We have the ideas that can transform your backyard into an outdoor bar that you dream of having. We will work with you to bring out the idea that you have for your outdoor bar. If you do not have any idea where to start, we can guide you through the process and ensure that you pick a design that is compatible with the type of house you have, as well as the available space in the backyard.

We always make time to talk about our proposals with potential clients. We are licensed contractors that have worked on numerous outdoor bar project with our clients. They can attest to the high-quality projects that we carried out.

Call us or get to our Greenville Landscaping homepage to fill a form and get a free price estimate for your outdoor bar installation.


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