Should I Use Stone or Mulch for Landscaping in Greenville?

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Landscaping itself is therapeutic. Often, the landscaping in Greenville is a rather smooth process. Clients usually ask landscaping contractors whether they should use stone or mulch for their landscape design. At the end of the day, everyone wants a beautiful landscape. However, both types have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the time of landscape installation.

In some cases, both materials are a better option; rather than using any one of them. A combination of mulch and stone is also a good idea sometimes, especially when you need decorative gravel for your property. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. It depends on the landscaping contractor you have contacted to buy the material.

One should take some time to think it through between stone and mulch because these materials have a maintenance cost at a later stage. A person who wishes to opt for landscaping should look into the advantages and disadvantages before choosing either material.

Advantages of Stone Landscaping in Greenville:

Stone landscaping in Greenville comes with several advantages:

  • Low Maintenance Cost:

Mulch will require yearly maintenance because it decomposes and fades within a year. However, the stone is rather sturdy and does not require a reinstallation, unless the previous contractor didn’t do a good job. The growth of weed in stones is also lesser compared to its growth in mulch.

  • Durability:

Unlike mulch, stone lasts for many decades. Though it may get light with time, a new dressing can be done after 10 years. The maintenance cost would depend upon how clean your stones have been kept. If they are protected from debris, the maintenance cost may not come for the first 5 years of installation.

  • Reduction in Debris:

Stone is suitable to use in pool areas or hardscaping, because, it will not wash out or make the water dirty. The water will wash the stone, unlike the mulch.

  • Less Fungal Growth:

The growth of fungi has been found to be lesser on stones. This is because stones will not act as a source of food for the fungi. It might grow on mulch, as mulch produces food for the fungi.

Where there are benefits of stone installation for landscaping in Greenville, there are a few disadvantages, too:

Disadvantages of Stone Landscaping:

The cost of stones is more than the cost of mulch. Moreover, the installation is heavier than the mulch due to its weight. The cost of labor for stone would be more than the cost of labor for installing mulch. This is because the debris will be making the surface dirty, temporarily. Stone installation usually has an up-front cost, and this added cost will maintain the landscape for at least 5 years or more.

However, with stone installation for your landscape, there are fewer chances of composition. Whereas mulch decomposes yearly, providing food to the ecosystem. Also, the stone will not retain moisture in the soil as it would do in the case of a mulch installation.

If you plan to opt for stone installation, you should know it requires a low maintenance cost, but a heavy upfront cost.

Tips to Follow If You Choose Stone Landscaping

Be sure to adhere to the guide below to avoid any inconveniences later on:

Add Some Weed Material

Usually, whenever a stone installation is done, it is suggested to use weed around the bed edges. The weed fabric will not let the stone settle easily in the soil. However, the weed will grow as per its usual growth.

Use Weed Damage Control

In most cases, weed is already grown on the landscape. If you are working on the same soil, the weed seeds are disturbed and they will grow naturally. However, damage control pesticides should be present in the soil, so it can reduce the growth.

Refined Edges

Some owners may want to install edging. They do not want the stones to go out of the lawn or on their cemented surface. In that case, steel edging is considered to be better than plastic materials; as steel is durable.

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Stone installation is usually considered better than mulch because of its longevity. However, stones are also expensive compared to mulch. However, landscaping in Greenville can be done with a combination of both materials.

Before choosing the materials, it is important to choose a reliable landscaping contractor for your area who will perform the best job. They can guide you well about purchasing the material; because you should always take a look at different landscaping materials before you choose the landscaping installation for your property.


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