Greenville Landscaping Contractors: 4 Benefits of Retaining Walls

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Greenville landscaping contractors can attest that your yard is an essential part of your home and can add immense value to your lifestyle by exposing you and your family to nature, trees, and plants. Essentially, not all yards are the same, and nor do they have a prescribed way of landscaping and planning for the most benefit.  Different areas have different altitudes, types of soil, and different terrains that you can work with to create a beautiful outdoor space.

As one of the best tools for landscaping in areas where the terrain is not flat, and especially in areas where you have fewer trees and shrubs to ground the soil, retaining walls can be used to add to your lawn’s beauty and functionality. Greenville landscaping contractors can provide the perfect solutions for the retaining walls you need.

A retaining wall installed by Greenville landscaping contractors offers two major advantages. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the retaining wall, it can also be a useful feature of your lawn if you have sloping gradients and small hills that give a certain variation to your space. Retaining walls can be used to separate flat areas in between, which has great benefits for your soil, your plants, and the natural water flow in your area.

There are many types of retaining walls, such as the naturally supported gravity wall, and the cantilever retaining wall. Depending on the needs and characteristics of your outdoor space, you can decide what type fits best with consultation from a professional landscaper.

The Benefits Involved With Retaining Walls:

The major advantages of retaining walls are discussed in detail below:

Structural Support Against Land Sliding and Natural Processes:

Essentially, a retaining wall is built to give structural support to the soil in areas where small hills create slopes, and a sudden landslide is highly possible. The retaining wall helps keep the soil in one place by grounding it there. Thus it acts as a safety precaution against such an event that can happen naturally at any time.

Protection From Soil Erosion:

Soil erosion naturally occurs in all areas, mostly because of two causes; either the soil itself is moved through landslides or other movements, or excess water on the surface washes away essential nutrients, leaving the soil eroded. A retaining wall can help protect against both of these causes. First by helping keep your soil in one place; and secondly, it slows down water that can flow by too fast and take soil nutrients with it.

Decreased Surface Run-Off and Assistance in Water Drainage:

Retaining walls help in water drainage in several ways. They can be used to create land terraces, which are smaller areas of flat land where water doesn’t form puddles and can be drained naturally. Retaining walls also help limit surface runoff by creating a natural barrier on the slope. Pipes and tunnels can also be used to help protect against flooding.

Adding Functional and Usable Space to your Yard:

If you want to expand your yard and add features such as patios, fireplaces, bonfire pits, and seating areas, you can use retaining walls to make natural terraces on the uneven slope. These walls give you extra and segregated space for different functions which may not be possible on the natural slope due to lack of room. Different areas can be divided, while additionally also forming walkways and garden paths in between points that may have a different height.

Increased Aesthetic Appeal:

Finally, retaining walls can add immense aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. With the right materials, colors, and placement, they can become an additional feature in themselves. These can also be used for seating if built at the right height. The contrast between the colors of your retaining wall, especially when built with natural stone, and the colors of nature around it can be very beautiful. Different colors of stones, bricks, or concrete-built retaining walls can add to the natural environment of your garden and its features.

Build Retaining Walls with Greenville Landscaping Contractors:

As a complete service provider for landscaping, hardscaping, and other features in any outdoor space, Greenville Landscaping Contractors provide a professional and experienced team to tackle the issues of your outdoor space, whether it is for residential or business purposes across South Carolina. With a detailed and extensive industrial experience, Greenville Landscaping Contractors provide unique and customized layouts for different outdoor spaces according to your needs.


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