Greenville Backyard Space: 10 Winter Landscaping Ideas

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Winter offers up certain possibilities for a backyard space that you just don’t have in the warmer months, and it’s important to take advantage of these opportunities when you can.

From driveway snow removal to holiday lighting, there are plenty of ways to utilize your yard this winter in ways you may not have thought of before! And our reliable Greenville Landscaping services team can help you with a broad range of outdoor living ideas. Trust our landscapers in Greenville to make the outside of your house look fantastic!

Let’s get started with ten winter landscaping ideas that will transform your backyard space!

1) Decorate With Lights

Holiday lights don’t have to just be inside your house. If you plan to host a party or have guests over during Christmas, consider stringing up some lights around your deck or patio. It’s both an aesthetically pleasing touch and adds a festive element.

The best part is it doesn’t cost much money – you can purchase strings of white holiday lights at any local store for about $5-$15, depending on how long you want them.

2) Add A Fire Pit

It may be summer, but there’s no reason you can’t start planning for autumn and winter nights in your Greenville backyard. Take advantage of today’s high temperatures (and tomorrow’s likely low temperatures) to get outside and start building a fire pit – you’ll look forward to those chilly plus cozy evenings all year long.

Or, if you want something more permanent, consider adding a stone patio with an outdoor fireplace or chimney; it’s much easier than it looks!

3) Add Mulch For Landscaping And Protection

Snow is fun to play in but can also add a lot of stress to homeowners who have delicate plants and grass. If you’re planning on making snow angels or just want to protect your yard while playing outside with friends and family, it may be helpful to consider putting down a thick layer of mulch over the top of your grass.

Mulching will insulate against any freeze-thaw cycles caused by snow buildup, meaning plants won’t be exposed to cold temperatures.

4) Hire Someone To Clear Snow

Hiring a company to clear snow from sidewalks and driveways is often seen as an unnecessary luxury in warmer climates, but it’s still worth it when you live somewhere with harsh winters. Rather than spending hours each weekend hauling snow away yourself, get help from a professional.

The nice thing about local companies is that they’re nearby and can show up quickly when bad weather hits. Just make sure you do some research and find someone reliable!

5) Add Fake Snowflakes In Branch Vases

Add some depth and texture to your garden or yard with fake snowflakes in branch vases. These easy-to-install decorations can add a pop of color, light, and life to any corner of your property, whether they’re lit up at night or not.

The snowflakes come in various sizes, so you can find one that works well with any size branch vase.

6) Decorate Your Deck

Before winter hits, don’t forget to make over your deck. This can be one of the most satisfying projects you’ll complete all year. And you have lots of options when it comes to deck renovation—even if you have a small space, you can still find ways to add interest and beauty.

For example, if you want to create a warm atmosphere, light is key. A string of lights along your deck railing is easy and inexpensive (you can even use solar-powered ones). You could also consider adding candles, lanterns, or other decorative lighting elements for a more formal effect.

Another way is adding plants. Plants bring life to any area and help give your space dimension. The best part? They’re relatively low maintenance. Plus, they serve as natural insulation during cold weather months. You can easily pick up potted plants from your local nursery or garden center to spruce up your deck.

7) Clean Up Dead Plants, Mulch & Leaves Now

Be sure to clean up dead plants and mulch from your yard now. Most people tend to leave it there until spring, but don’t be like most people! You’ll want all of that out of sight in time for the company over Christmas break. If you have a lot of it, ask some friends for help or even hire someone to help you out if needed.

8) Plan For Spring Bulbs (Daffodils, Crocus, Etc.)

These bulbs are super easy to grow and require very little work. Pick up a bag at Lowes/Home Depot, plant them in a shady area of your yard, and forget about them until mid-March. They’ll appear before you know it (depending on when you planted them), and they look great with snow on top.

Bulbs can be planted anywhere from October through February, depending on where you live. If you live in a warmer climate, try planting them closer to October for an earlier spring show! This is also a great time to plant perennials like Hostas and Bleeding Hearts.

9) Trim Trees & Shrubs Now

New growth in trees and shrubs can be damaged or killed by frost, ice, and snow. It’s important to remove some of these vulnerable stems before winter arrives. If you wait until spring, it may be too late.

Trim them now, so they have a chance to grow back for next season. You can also prune out dead wood at any time, but fall is generally best because plants are still growing and less susceptible to damage from pruning cuts.

Remember that most deciduous plants (trees, shrubs) will drop their leaves when temperatures dip below freezing, evergreens don’t lose their needles but get more brittle during cold weather.

10) Plant Varieties That Survive Winter

In any climate, but especially in areas with snow and/or freezing temperatures, planting winter-hardy trees and flowers is a good idea. Snow can weigh down flowering plants if you live in a snowy area. A Callery Pear Tree or Dogwood Tree or Holly Shrub or Mums won’t be damaged by heavy snowfall like other shrubs and flowers might be.

Let The Most Trusted Landscapers In Greenville Handle Your Backyard Renovations!

Winter is often a dormant season for green-thumbed homeowners. After all, it’s cold, snow on the ground, and gardens are virtually non-existent. However, there are ways to impact your property during even the bleakest winter months.

The tips mentioned above are a bit time-consuming (some require planning), but they can transform the look of your backyard. The reliable landscapers in Greenville at Greenville Landscaping can help you make the best backyards with stunning results.

Look no further and contact Greenville Landscaping Services right now to get a free quote right now!


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