The Best Winter-Tolerant Flower Planters For Your Backyard

Flower planters for gardening

Spring is here, and it’s time to spruce up your backyard with some new flower planters! You can keep your front- and backyard beautiful, even when winter comes again.

Adding a couple of flower bushes will be perfect for brightening your garden décor. They will not only breathe new life into your yard but also offer beauty and charm.

If you’re unsure which flower planters are best for your backyard, reach out to our contractors for Greenville landscaping services you can trust. Our team can help you choose the right winter flowers and planters to get the best out of your outdoor space.

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For now, let’s dig in to see which flower planters will work the best for you.

Creating Colorful Backyard Winter Blooms With Flower Planters

Flower planters will bring much-needed color and vibrancy to your front- and back yards. They are simple to put up and maintain, allowing you to enjoy gorgeous blossoms all year long.

Next, you need to figure out the kind of flowers that’ll go with the planters and can be placed outdoors during the winter. Some flowers flourish outdoors in the winter, but others need to be sheltered from the harsh cold.

Also, consider which plant colors and combinations complement each other the best. The idea is to produce vivid, coherent combinations that will make your landscape stand out!

Then you pair them with planters.

Creative planters have more flair than plain plastic pots, and they’re perfect for putting together a show-stopping winter display. Get something that stands out while being functional and appropriate for your environment.

All that remains is to fill the containers with dirt and begin planting!

What Should You Look for in Flower Planters?

Flower planters are great for adding color and vitality to your backyard in preparation for winter. If you’re not sure where to begin when selecting a planter for your yard, here are a few crucial factors to consider:


You need something that can withstand the cold months. Frost and snow-resistant planters made of resin, ceramic, and metal materials will do the trick.


Another key consideration is style – you need a flower planter that compliments your backyard decor. Look for colors, textures, and forms that go well with the rest of your landscaping design.


Choose an appropriate size, based on how many you plan on putting in your backyard, how you plan to arrange them, and how they’ll fit into the ensemble.

Gauge the space where you intend to put it to get an idea of what size will work best.

winter flowers can turn your backyard into a magical place

Types of Flower Planters That Fit Perfectly in Winter Gardens

Winter gardening can be challenging since certain flowers require more protection than others. But, with a basic understanding of horticulture and a couple of planters, you can create a lovely winter garden in your own backyard.

You’ve got a couple of nice options when it comes to flower planters.

Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters are good for winter gardens since they are highly cold-resistant.

They are also available in various forms and sizes, making them ideal for creating eye-catching displays. Moreover, terracotta improves soil aeration, letting more nutrients reach the roots of your blooms.

Terracotta planters have been around for a long time and always provide a classic aesthetic. These plant containers may be readily moved or adjusted due to their small weight.

Just keep in mind that terracotta requires more frequent watering than other flower planters.

Wooden Planters

Because of their inherent insulation and rustic appeal, wooden planters are ideal for winter gardening. Wood adds an extra layer of protection against the weather, making such planters an excellent choice for flowers that require more heat or moisture.

They also look fantastic!

Plastic Planters

Plastic planters are an excellent choice if you want something lightweight and long-lasting.

You can get them in various forms and patterns, making them ideal for producing stunning flower arrangements. Plastic is also simple to clean and maintain, which means less time spent on maintenance during the cold months!

Lightweight Fiber Clay Pots

If you’re looking for something lightweight and durable, then fiber clay pots will be a perfect choice. They come in various sizes and forms – you won’t have any trouble picking one that meets your requirements.

Also, they are less costly as compared to other planters.

Plastic Self-Watering Flower Planters

Plastic self-watering pots are both practical and fashionable.

These planters include an integrated reservoir system guaranteeing that your plants get the water they require without any need for continual maintenance from you. They are available in various colors and sizes, so there is something for everyone.

Get the Best Landscapers in Greenville to Install Flower Planters in Your Backyard

Flower planters are not only lovely and eye-catching, but they are also incredibly practical and can provide depth to any outdoor environment.

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Look no further than the Greenville Landscaping Company! Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing reliable landscaping services, including flower planter installation for the winter and year-round.

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Our services include:

  • Flower planter installation
  • Landscape design and installation
  • Lawn care and maintenance
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Irrigation system installation and repair
  • Hardscaping (including patio and walkway installation)
  • And much more!

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