5 Steps to Prepare Your Landscape in Greenville for Spring

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Are you bored of the old, worn-out landscape of your house? It’s high time that you give the appearance of your home a new look. How about cleaning the pavement or installing the new pool? You can do several things to update your landscape in Greenville, SC. In this blog, we will explore a few options that you can do to prepare your landscape. But first, let’s look at the benefits of preparing it.

Benefits of Preparing A Landscape in Greenville, SC:

Increased Property Value:

According to research, adding trees, plants, shrubs, lighting, walks, and patios can increase a property’s value by 20%. Based on an estimate, the U.S. landscaping industry generates almost 74 billion dollars of revenue.

Connect with Nature:

It is not always a feasible choice to go out for a vacation. But if you have a beautiful landscape, sitting in it can give a relaxing feel. You can even use it as a place to treat your loved ones during weekends or holidays. The best part; no travel expense.

Protect Natural Wildlife:

Having a good landscape design can be a habitat for birds. It’ll welcome little natural creatures instead of forcing them away.

Enhance the Quality of Life:

When you have a refreshing landscape, it motivates you to spend more time outdoors, where you unwind in a gorgeous environment and welcome guests for a spontaneous gathering.

Turn Unused Spaces into Functional Areas:

You do not have to do much to update your landscape. If you have a side yard that has been unused for years or a backyard that keeps old furniture or a pile of twigs, you can simply give it a makeover by adding outdoor furnishings.

Define Entertainment Areas:

You can also use your landscape by setting it for specific activities like cooking, dining, or roasting marshmallows. With a beautiful landscape, you can take celebrations outdoors and enjoy more of what you can offer at the gathering from day to night.

Attract New Buyers:

A well-planned landscape can increase your property’s value by 5.5-12.7%. If you are interested to sell your property shortly, then updating your landscape in Greenville, SC, will enhance your house’s curb appeal and get you better deals when selling.

Loved reading about the benefits of a beautiful landscape? Here are a few steps to prepare a landscape for your house.

Steps to Prepare Your Own Landscape:

  • Plan a Thorough Cleanup:

Clear away the accumulated debris, and the leaves left lying under the snow as it can cause rot disease. Cleaning your front yard will also aerate the soil, making it receptive to treatments.

Next, you would need to help fill the bald patches and grow back planting grass seed by using environmentally friendly weed killers to combat hostile growth.

  • Prepare the Flower Beds:

Want your landscape to look detailed and perfect? Who wouldn’t! For this, you’ll need to get your gardens ready for planting. You can take some sample to your local center for a test and get your soil examined for plantation. The associates will let you know what you may need to add based on your unique profile.

  • Trim Back the Overgrown Shrubbery:

Neglecting your landscape could put your family at risk. If you have an overgrown and untrimmed shrubbery in your house, it can easily conceal thieves and serve for them as a hiding point as they crack open a window or door. Hence, having a trimmed shrubbery can save you and your family from a burglary or any other unfortunate incident.

Trim the plants closest to your home low enough so you can see over the top. You should also look skywards toward your treetops. If large branches are overhanging your roof, then get them addressed as they can also cause considerable damage by falling in a storm.

If you lack having the necessary equipment to trim your landscape yourself, hiring a professional service can be the perfect and easy solution.

  • Repair the Decks and Patios:

Do inspect your decks and patios at least once a year for damage. If you suspect any softwood, then call a contractor for repairs. No one would want a second-story structure to collapse while having guests over for a barbecue.

You should also test your railings by applying pressure safely. Repair any wobblers, find cracked boards, and replace them.

  • Give Your Paint a Touch-Up:

Choose a good color to raise your home’s value and attract everyone to see your house. Don’t forget to focus on doors and shutters. Having smoky charcoal or a black front door will attract buyers.

A beautiful landscape in Greenville, SC, can increase your home’s value and bolster its curb appeal, give a call to Greenville Landscaping to prepare a stunning outlook for your home.


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